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 Territory Info
Nkiru Oluchi
 Posted: Jun 15 2016, 01:26 AM
714 years old
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Black Widow Priestess
A woman of half Zuulamanese, a quarter Tacean, and a quarter Hayllian descent. She is a trained Healer. She is the High Priestess of the Tafakari tribe.
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Nkiru Oluchi

A Territory in Bondage

The Paka tribe, forced from their ancestral homes, have taken over the main island and proclaimed themselves the territory rulers. Under their leadership warmongering and greed have become synonymous with Zuulaman. They have done everything in their power to destroy rival tribes and sell them into slavery. At current Raej is a strong supporter of their reign and has done their best to back them. However there is a thorn in their side, the Tafakari. This ancient clan has maintained solitary control over one of the islands and refuses to budge. These two rivals have warred over the resource laden island for generations, but the Tafakari will not be pushed back. After a violent conflict an uneasy truce was agreed upon. This treaty has stood for some time.

The current Queen of Zuulaman, pressure placed upon her by Raej and Hayll, has revisited this conflict rather than heeding the words of the Tafakari's High Priestess. The truce is nearing its breaking point as the ruling Queen does everything in her power to erode the Tafakari's influence and resources. A conflict is imminent, but the question becomes will the Paka and their foreign supporters be strong enough to survive the growing unrest. The Tafakari are not the only tribe tired of living in fear of enslavement, there are others embolden by their refusal to bend.

War is on the horizon, but the question still remains who will participate and who will flee. The only thing for certain is Zuulaman will be awash in blood and will never be the same.


Kijana Mto "Green River"
One of the most diverse and largest islands of Zuulaman. This is the Tafakari's home. They have the largest supply of ____ resource. The land is referred to as Kijana Mto "The Green River" because of the precious stone laden rivers that run through it. These are believed to be the places the spirits first touched and thus the cradle of life to the Zuulaman. This particular island is a mixture of wilderness and cities. The Tafakari themselves prefer to stick to the old ways and live amongst nature, but some of the tribes they've taken in made the decision to erect cities. This rich mixture of cultures and outlooks has turned Kijana Mto into the epicenter of philosophy and artistic expression.

Moja Mji "First District" - While not the first major district in Zuulaman it is the first major district on Kijana Mto. This district was developed as a refugee camp for other tribes fleeing enslavement. It is a diverse district and is constantly growing. It is home of the largest library in Zuulaman.

Places of Signifiance:
Maarifa Mti "Tree of Knowledge" - This magnificent library was erected at the base of one of the largest trees by the district. It was originally just a place to keep documents on the tribes so no culture was lost. It has over the years grown beyond what anyone expected. It is the largest sources of information in Zuulaman.

Nyota Kuvuka "Star's Cross"
This is less of a district in the traditional sense. While it does not have obvious boundaries like Moja Mji it is a place of importance. This collection of land belongs to the Tafakari tribe. Several holy sites exist within its boundaries. The people of this area are primarily Tafakari, but other tribes have been allowed to claim small places here and there. Typically tribes that have assimilated with the Tafakari or agree to respect its existing culture.

Places of Significance:
Mjumbe Mti "Messanger Tree"
This massive tree overlooks a small lake that feeds a small number of rivers. This holy place is believed to be a place touched by the spirits. Most do not go here aside from spiritual reasons.

Kioo Pwani "Mirror Shore"
This inland lake is believed to be the birthplace of the Tafakari and as such is held in high regards. It is the primary dwelling place of the Tafakari's ruling group. Those who live here have earned that right either by birth or by contribution.

Kioo Pango "Mirror's Cave"
This is a place of reflection primarily, but it is also the place that most decisions are made for the tribe. Members of the ruling class and a select few of others meet within this cave and discuss the future of the tribe. This large cave has been sculpted somewhat by human hands. Once stepping through the mouth of the cave one is greeted by a beautiful plaza carved from the very stone. A large gate separates one from going deeper into the cave as it is believed ancient spirits dwell there. To disturb them would bring ruin.

Za Mlima "Gold Mountain"
Named for its gold rich underground caverns and the large mountain that is stationed at the heart of the island. This particular island is for all intents and purposes the capital of Zuulaman. The Paka tribe have long made this their seat of power. The most technologically advanced of the islands and the most "cultured". That culture being imported from territories like Raej and Hayll. Most of the Zuulaman people on this island are servants or awaiting shipment to other lands. The aristocracy is a blend of Paka tribe members, their allies, and the foreign invaders who have decided to make Zuulaman home for a time. Much of Zuulaman's heritage has been wiped clean to make way for a district focused on growth and entertainment.

Juaseti Visiwa "Sunset Isles"
A collection of small islands well known for their beautiful flowers and trees. Often called the most beautiful place in all of Zuulaman. This was once a place of spiritual importance, but has become an attraction for tourism. The majority of the tribes who called these isles home have been forced to relocate or have been enslaved. It is a predominant entertainment district as its only a small boat ride from Za Mlima. Its primary attraction is Jusaeti temple. Tribes once made pilgrimages to this place to request bountiful harvests or rain by offering collection of flowers, but now it is empty and mentioned as ruins of the old ways to attract visitors.

Rangi Uwanja "Rainbow Meadow"
The breadbasket of Zuulaman and one of the most crop diverse islands. Exports ranging from the caffeinated Kola nut to medicinal plants like the Creeping Foxglove reputed to help improve breathing. This island remains relatively untouched due to its fragile ecosystem and its importance to Zuulaman's survival. However the process of mass harvesting is beginning to creep in. More and more people go missing each day as the territory Queen sets up her plantations.

Territory Queen :
Beyonce - give name. Queen or dual caste Queen. Not originally the intended territory Queen, but gained it through manipulation and trade agreements. She has Eyrien blood way down the line. Short lived life span but wings.

Nicki Minaj - Cousin and BW, Priestess, or both. She is the High Priestess or Court Seer/Head of Coven for Zuulaman.
These two are in bed with Hayll and are trying their hardest to maximize profit.
Idris Elba - First Escort or Stewart. Betrayer of his tribe.

lupita nyong'o - A liaison between Zuulaman and slave markets. She oversees it and is the mistress of the trade. An independent force who can stand toe to toe with the territory Queen. Witch or Black Widow.

james mcavoy - Stewart in the high court. Gained this seat as a part of the reigning Queen's via for power. She originally was not intended to be the territory Queen, but gained backing by the slave trade.

Taraji P Henson - Matriarch of the Paka clan. Is on shaky terms with the Territory Queen as her own daughter was slated to rule.

Brandy - The intended Territory Queen. Bitter about being denied her throne and is actively working against her cousin. Though she is starting to see the corruption around her and wanting to make a positive change. Queen or HQ

Octavia Spencer - Territory Queen's mother and a hearth witch. She's cunning as fuck. A low ranking member of the Paka clan that wasn't taken seriously because of her caste and parents. She was forced to become a HW due to her status and to repay debts. The only negative in her victory is that it required a lot of deals that eroded the power and independence of Zuulaman.

Alexandra Shipp: Young member of a lesser clan. Against slavery. The daughter of an outspoken anti slavery male who was sold into slavery for a failed rebellion. She is a ward of a court and being held against her will as an example.

Nicole Scherzinger - A rep for Hayll, sees this as a way to move up in the hierarchy. She will be staying in Zuulaman to help the Paka. Secretly she wants control over the territory so that she can make more money. Intends to cut the territory queen loose and replace with a puppet queen at some point. (She does have a boss, but she will act more and more independently of him as time goes on)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - A rival in the slave market, hails from Raej. He is vying with Nicole for influence. Is currently having an affair with Nicki Minaj and is doing his best to maintain her attention for the perks. Unlike nicole's character he is the owner of his business rather than a rep.

Sofia Vergara - A friend of Nicole's character. She is a lavish Hayllian and a red moon operator. She often visits to hand pick girls to sell/showcase.

Alexa Vega - Daughter of Sofia Vergara and a Queen. Nicole is grooming her to take over Zuulaman. SHe isn't an air head, but she likes power and will not complain about being put into a position of power.

Tafakari peoples:
(Among the Tafakari/Kijana Mto people there is some unrest. Some believe they should go to war and unseat the Paka tribe. A particular tribe, helmed by Angela Bassett, is a strong supporter of this violence. They will be very vocal and possibly dangerous.)
Rosario Dawson: Sides with Angela Bassett's character after losing a loved one to slavery. She is a gifted Black Widow or Healer. She was a quieter woman originally, but is growing to become a lioness.

Subari Oluchi - Lauryn Hill. Is Nkiru's granddaughter and a high ranking priestess. Has two sons. Both are highly respected warriors in the tribe as well as the island itself.
Amaka Oluchi - Low ranking Queen. Mostly travels and heals the land in areas other Queens don't frequent. Her daughter is in training to be a battle medic.

Kwaku Uduak ~ Second in command of the Tafakari tribe's army.

Erykah Badu - Queen of the Tafakari. Friend of Nkiru's. She mostly allows Nkiru to rule and only speaks up when required. She's a quiet woman, but full of wisdom.

Nkira Adaeza ~ (Willow Smith) The future Queen and High Priestess of the Tafakari. She is close to the Queen of the Tafakari. She is the jewel of Zuulaman. Highly regarded and loved. Very intelligent girl.

djimon hounsou - The first in command of Tafakari's army and the acting MoTG. The acknowledged commander of all tribes soldiers. Intelligent, strict, and aggressive WP.

Zoe Saldana - The traitor. She will sell out her companions and join the Paka. Does so to save her daughter who the territory Queen is holding as leverage.

Zoe Kravits - Older sister to Nkira. Black Widow or witch. A vicious protector for her sister and a warrior at heart. One of the few women that has seen battle and is damn good at it.

michael ealy - An older grandchild or youngest child (requires an addition to the family tree) of Nkiru's. He is Nkira's personal body guard and trainer. Dedicated to his job. Prince or WP.

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