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Ryder Malik
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 01:32 AM
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Warlord Prince
A male of Raejian descent.
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Ryder Malik


NAME: Ryder Sephiroth Malik
CASTE: Warlord Prince (trained Black Widow)
AGE: 296
RACE: Raeijan
SEXUALITY: Straight as fuck, although he's not above messing with someone who's homophobic because he's an asshole like that.




CRAFT STRENGTHS: Compulsion, Death Spells, Jewel Managment, Mind Healing, Poisons, Reading Emotions, Seduction, Shielding
CRAFT WEAKNESSES: Emotional Manipulation (only because he thinks using Craft to manipulate just shows you're weak if you can't manipulate someone with simply your words), Illusion (although he's good at busting them up), Soothing Spells, Hearth Craft


EYE COLOR: green
HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 6'7"/ 160/ ripped
PLAY BY: Clement Becq


LIKES: sex, art, women, making money, screwing with people's minds
DISLIKES: weakness, those who lie to themselves about they want or who they are, having his fun interrupted, anyone trying to control him
FEARS Nothing he will ever share or even admit to himself
OVERALL PERSONALITY: Ryder, for the most part, is a very straightforward and honest personality, although that doesn't mean he doesn't have secrets or that he can't participate in lies and intrigue. It just means that he rarely does unless he sees a point to it. Besides in terms of strength and ability, he really doesn't have to use sneaky tactics when he has the strength to back up his desires and wishes. Like all Maliks he's twisted in the head and his idea of what's okay and not doesn't always fall into the rest of society's values. Especially prudish society since he's a bit of a sex addict although whether that was taught or just something he was born with is up for debate.


MOTHER: Laila Malik, Opal ~ Green Jeweled Black Widow Priestess
FATHER: Bram Malik, Summer Sky ~ Green Jeweled Warlord Prince
SIBLING(S): Kaeler Malik, Summer Sky ~ Green Jeweled Warlord Prince (older brother) / Vivka Grace Malik, Purple Dusk ~ Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow Queen
SPOUSE/LOVER: Evalin, Rose to Opal Jeweled witch (former slave, but was purchased and freed by Ryder to take care of his daughter Devany)
CHILDREN: Devany Malik, Purple Dusk Jeweled Black Widow (Suggested PB: Kendall Vertes) - 11 years old
Amaya Malik, Summer Sky Jeweled Healer (Suggested PB: Kristina Pimenova) - y years old


Ryder Sephiroth Malik was born into the world too early and most thought that the boy wouldn't live past the night of his birth. Yet the little baby was a fighter and perhaps it helped that he had an older brother who gave a rat's ass for his existence, unlike his parents who just paid Healers to care for the young Warlord Prince. It was Kaeler who kept a sharp eye on the Healers to make sure they did right for his baby brother and it wasn't long for the small baby to start making remarkable leaps in growth. By the time he was five, he was the size of a boy twice his age although he still retained the angelic looks of his true age. His parents didn't pay much attention to him, however, he had his older brother and Ryder was a child who didn't seem to mind being on his own. He found most people annoyed him and he'd rather be in his mind thinking and planning or doing his own thing than spending it with people who irritated him.

By the time he was 8, his baby sister Vivka was born. He liked being an older brother and being there for Vivka as Kae had been for him. However, he noticed that Kae had a rather strong interest in Viv that he didn't feel. It didn't much make sense at that point to be that preoccupied with a drooling baby girl, sister or not. Then again, Viv was a demanding baby and Ry figured his brother liked taking care of things and being needed. Viv fulfilled those needs since Ryder could pretty much be left to his own devices and take care of himself.

As he grew older, he noticed that his mother began showing some interest in his life, although she was careful to keep it from occurring when Kae was around or Viv because Viv would certainly tattle to Kae. When he was 13, his mother summoned him downstairs to the parlor where she was hosting a party for her friends. At first, he though his mother wanted to show him off since he was big for his age and was often mistaken for an older teen and his parents was proud that he was big and strong. But he quickly realized that he was to be the entertainment of his mother's party when his mother's best friend Natyla sank to her knees in front of him, as his mother used Craft to vanish his clothes, and began licking and sucking his cock until nature took over and he grew hard and aroused. Female hands pulled him down onto the floor and the women quickly divested themselves of their clothes. Natyla claimed his virginity, riding him hard and fast while moaning how he had the biggest dick she'd ever had and how good he felt and how much better he would be once they trained him how to fuck a woman. Once they had both orgasmed, he was fed [b[saffranate[/b] to keep him continuously hard and horny although the women joked that a young stallion probably didn't need it. After that, the afternoon was spent in an orgy with the women, including his own mother, taught him how to fuck as promised.

Perhaps he already an incubus inside him, or perhaps that day put one in him, but he was forever changed. It didn't help things that his mother whored him out to her friends. He knew when she wanted an errand done, it meant that was going over to pleasure one of her friends who in return did his mother favors or summoned her over so she could enjoy the fruits of teaching her middle son how to fuck. Ryder was addicted to sex so it wasn't enough for whenever his mother summoned him, instead he seduced the maids of his parents' home some he always had a willing wich in his bed at night or one who was open to stopping her daily chores for a quickie. Ryder knew Kae wasn't happy with the change in him but his elder brother said nothing since Ryder's actions harmed none and later his skills were useful as he was the only dark Jeweled male that they trusted to see to their sister's Virgin Night when she made so many enemies of many women who would have paid good money to have Vivika broken.

While he was careful from the beginning of his sexual adventures in his parents' home to when he and his siblings left because Kae realized how dangerous his parents would be to them. He wasn't so careful and accidentally sired a daughter with one of his lovers, but the woman died giving birth to their child. Ryder felt bad since he didn't love the woman although he had been fond of her and she had given him his first child. He was aware that his sister Vivika had lustful thought for him although he knew she loved Kae more something he attributed to their mother's influence, and knew she would raise Hell if she knew about his child which is why he had never told her about his lover getting pregnant. He quietly sought out a caretaker for his daughter to watch her when he had to be away with his siblings. Of course, Ryder being Ryder, he couldn't resist bedding his daughter's nanny and really it was like the woman was getting a bonus in addition to the generous salary he gave her to care for his child. And despite both being taking precautions, it happened that the nanny, Evalin got pregnant and presented Ryder with another daughter. Evalin however unlike other women didn't think that giving Ryder a child would make him want to marry her or settle down, but wisely kept to their comfortable arrangement. She raises both his daughters as if they are her own and continues to enjoy her lover's favors although they try to be more cautious although neither would be upset if Evalin became pregnant again.


NAME: Athena
AGE: Let's not talk about that.
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