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 Sontana, Akira, HEALER * S-G * BEANIE
Akira Sontana
 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 04:34 AM
19 years old
15 posts
An Aristo Tacean Healer who suffers from a trying past, has slowly healed but is being called by the Darkness to travel to another Realm.
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Akira Sontana


NAME: Akira Sontana
CASTE: Healer
AGE: 19
RACE: Tacean
SEXUALITY: Unknown - fears men


BIRTHRIGHT JEWEL: Sapphire (uncut)


Healing - no life threatening healing, but everything else due to her being partially chalice broken still. With dedication and time, her chalice could be put back together.
Kindred Healing - she picks this up along the way, due to her ability to get along with animals of all kinds. She cares for everything big and small and caring for animals is the same in her mind as to care for a kindred.
Shielding - aural, sight, psychic and physical shields - due to self preservation she learns this particular bit of craft, with her fears of being broken at the front of her mind, she can create really strong sapphire physical and psychic shields. Aural and sight shields are strong but not as strong as her physical and psychic shields.
CRAFT WEAKNESSES: everything black widow craft, general craft weakness due to flickering in and out of the twisted kingdom..


HAIR COLOR: black/brown
EYE COLOR: brown with hints of gold (potential non Tacea heritage)
HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 169cm, 55kg, slim lithe body on the small size
PLAY BY: Yun Lin (Jelly Lin)
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LIKES: hearth craft, healing, helping children, elderly, animals
DISLIKES: being controlled, being told she's not worth the air they breathe, pity
FEARS males, being broken
First Born twin with being fragile in aspects, then physically and mentally abused by her younger twin sister Su Ching, Akira never doubted that her sister was a threat to her..

Akira wanted to be given the chance to prove to become a useful healer but after sister arranged for her to be broken on a spear she realised the error of not listening to her gut. If given the chance, Akira is the type of healer that likes to dig in, help heal, help anything, seeks being useful, seeks to control her fears. She has always been accommodating towards families, children, animals and the elderly.. it was why she wanted to become a healer...

However, when she was chalice broken the first time, she abandoned her body to retain her craft and jewels in order to forsake sanity, thus becoming unstable and unable to pursue a full time apprenticeship in the healer's court, the world fragmented in ways that scared her.. and scarred her for life... she spent three years in and out of twisted kingdom.


MOTHER: Kae Sun Jin BW Purple Dusk (deceased)
FATHER: Lin Dan Sontana Prince Green (deceased)
SIBLING(S): Su Ching Jin BW Opal (deceased)
SPOUSE/LOVER: none - too broken to have one and her fear of males prevents her from ever having one
CHILDREN: none - if she didn't fear the male that eventually gave her a child, she hopes to never miscarry


When the twins were born, Akira was born looking pale, small and weak (mentally and physically vulnerable) - like she'd die within hours of birth, she grew up to be not pretty but not ugly. Her sister Su Ching on the other hand was the healthy, the beautiful twin and a black widow.. with a jealous and vindictive streak, she wanted to punish Akira because she was born into a disappointing caste and that she wore stronger jewels that she believed should have been hers.

As children the sisters were inseparable until their birthright ceremony... Akira and Su Ching made the offering to the darkness at 8 - Akira came away with an uncut Sapphire and Su Ching came away with a Opal. Akira and her sister were sent to the Geomijui for training in their respective castes... her sister is jealous of all the power Akira holds and makes friends with some males in her class to bring about the downfall of her sister.

Akira makes friends with the Warlord Prince of Tacea Tae and an aspiring young Queen Shie. When Su Ching learnt of this she gets jealous since she believes that Shie should be her friend and not Akira's.

Su Ching claimed to her parents that Akira was flaunting her power to entrance people in power because of the jewel strength she carries, her mother doesn't believe her and orders her to leave poor Akira alone... Su Ching believing that Akira has managed to persuade their mother increases the efforts to bring her sister down.

When the girls turned 14 , Su Ching asked her classmate the Warlord Kasher (who secretly had a crush on the sister) to see BOTH of them through their virgin night, where she would watch her sister get broken by a male's spear. Su Ching KNEW it was her moontime... and this was to her advantage because that meant Akira could not fight back or runaway.

Claiming that she was feeling unwell, as she felt the beginning of her moontime begin, Akira headed back to the room she was sharing with her sister, on the way she had been found by Kasher saying her sister wanted to speak to her in one of the ceremony rooms before she retired. They had entered one of the rooms... the next thing she knew was she had been grabbed, thrown and disorientated.. Then she felt Green shields snap up around her, as well as an aural shield. There was laughter coming from one corner of the room as she realised she had been tricked, her demented sister had betrayed her...

Unable to fight back with jewels and the pain that usually came with moontime worsened as she knew she couldn't physically fight back either, her fear skyrocketed... her throat tightened and she fought back tears.. she wasn't going to deny that this didn't hurt but she doubted she would be able to get away. Somehow by the end of the night, she'd either be dead, demon dead or totally broken walking the roads of the twisted kingdom.

Before this she never suspected that her sister would hurt her in this way... sure she had known her sister was jealous, but she had never expected her sister to betray her this way...

Pain took a long time to manifest since she was too frozen with fear.. Kasher had beaten her, ripped her clothing off and speared her.. the hurt ripped through her, her lifeblood bleeding out from between her legs.. the male over her didn't care as he pounded into her ripping at her shields on her mind, but lucky for her she had fueled so much of that fear and turned it into a shield that he was unable to break through to rip her mind apart.... Kasher was doing this as a favour to get into the Su Ching's bed, because the poor soul loved his sister... that he'd do anything for her.

Akira felt her world fragment as her chalice shattered and she abandoned her body, as she dove the abyss and twisted kingdom, she screamed for help deep in the abyss... she sought out a mind far darker than hers...

Three years! It TOOK three years for someone to pull her out of the twisted kingdom and repair what was lost to the broken chalice, all she could remember was her screaming, a mocking laughter, a male grunting with the effort to break her and so much blood....

Akira drifted in and out the twisted kingdom, most of time isolated from male contact of any kind... spending time with Tacea's healers and black widows, but she eventually was fixed enough that she didn't immediately scream or cower whenever a male approached her, but the deep seeded fear of males that came with it.. was always there...


on the eve of her 17th birthday, was the day Hayll attacked Tacea, she was travelling between the Healer's court dorms to the heart of the Geomijui, her instincts screamed at her to shield - so she did - but her attacker was too strong for her, her shield shattered, she was knocked to the ground stunned and disorientated she tried to fight off her attacker.. she screamed for help, she tried to dig out her attacker's eyeballs, she never thought to call in the pitchfork she had been carrying around.

there was blinding pain, both in her mind and down in her privates, she could feel her life blood draining from her AGAIN, there was a sense of de ja vu, there was a male above her raping her, she held on for everything that was worth it, she didn't want to die... she didn't want to be broken more than she already was....

She dove down into the abyss....and she felt the pull from the gray web holding onto it with dear life... forcing her way back to her body she embraced the power of her Gray jewel. The pounding stopped abruptly and when she returned to her body... she remembered holding a blood covered gray jewel in her hands... and the male above her was dead... he brains splattered across the room they were in...

Terrifying fragmented Sapphire and Gray sang in her veins, she sent out a psychic wave to locate attackers and Shie... People everywhere around her was either injured or dead.. she didn't grieve for the loss of her sister, but she did for the children, the elderly, her parents and her best friend Shie..

Two years since the death of her friend Shie, she had regained some of her former self from the help of the Warlord Prince of Tacea Prince Tae, who despite her fear of males was the only male she could tolerate being around... she felt her time in Tacea was coming to an end... memories driving her need to leave... but how was she supposed to tell Tae?


4-5 paragraph example of your writing. You can post something you've written on another board here. This only applies to the first character you made so we can see what level your writing is at.


NAME: Rozanny
AGE: 34

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Akira Sontana
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 07:47 AM
19 years old
15 posts
An Aristo Tacean Healer who suffers from a trying past, has slowly healed but is being called by the Darkness to travel to another Realm.
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Akira Sontana

Finished! Ready to review!

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