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 The Rules
 Posted: Dec 9 2012, 02:48 PM
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ONE || Do not harass the staff or other members. This shall not be tolerated.

TWO || You must register a player account before you can start making characters and fill out the player registration form. This is to make it easier for the staff as well as other members to identify each other outside of roleplay.

THREE || You must have a separate account for each character. JCINK has a subaccounts feature that makes switching and keeping track of your accounts with little effort. You can have as many characters as you'd like, as long as you think you can handle them all.

FOUR What happens in RP stays in RP. Don't discriminate against another Player in the OOC areas. It won't be tolerated.

FIVE || This is an adult RPG, so there were will be adult-themed plots and actions going on around. But please don't overdo the drama because it's overkill. If you are a minor or you just don't want to RP in this kind of setting, then you should probably look for another RPG. Adults threads will be marked to allow players know, but they will not be censored.


ONE || Please register with your character's first and last name. In some situation a character may only have a first name (like Kindred or characters who were born slaves and never given last names), but these special situations will be the only times in which this will be allowed.

TWO || No canon characters are allowed so don't make any Daemon Sadi accounts because we won't accept them.

THREE || When filling out the application, please fill it out as much as you can. We don't expect you to write a book-length detailed account of your character's life, however we do expect effort to be put in so we know you've put thought and effort into your character.

FOUR || Please do not alter the application template. We have many versions of it, so you can choose which you are most comfortable using. However, if you wish to tweak the colors of the DOHTML application to match your characters Jewels, this is permissible.

FIVE || If a word or name can be found in a dictionary or online on multiple sites (ex. if it has its own Wiki page that has nothing to do with this board), it is not considered to be common. It is fair game and there shall be not outcry of stolen names. The only way any thing would be stolen if the whole name (first middle and last) was taken, unless of course the name is John Smith and then that's just fair game.

SIX ||Alright the point of this board is to have fun. That being said the staff really doesn't want to impinge on your fun (and ours) to deal with caps and ratios and petitions. We are putting faith that our members will play a wide range of characters because playing a light-Jeweled hearth witch as fun as playing a snarly dark-Jeweled Warlord Prince. So for the most part, make what you want although there a few cases where petitioning for something is required.

Blacks are of course rare and thus won't be running around willy nilly, plus it's a big responsibility to play a Black and all. So we ask that if you want to attempt a Black you petition and give a good case for the reasons and how your character will impact the plot of the board and all that jazz. Two other big petitions would be for a triple caste witch (Black Widow Healer Queen/Black Widow Priestess Queen/Healer Priestess Queen) or a Black Widow Warlord Prince. Again like the Black, people have the opportunity to play one of each of these and we ask you give us a petition for that to explain why this particular character has to be of said caste. Also we ask that you be an active member for three months before you make one of these characters, cause we would really like to have people who are going to be part of the community and not a fly by night, if you catch my drift?

Finally any Grays and Ebon Grays that aren't rolled, will need a small petition. Not as in-depth as big three, but informative enough to know that you have plans for the character and you're not asking for the Jewels cause they're dark and powerful. So that's about it. We're not going to be big on ratios and caps, although if all you're making is darks.... well that's frowned upon and we may have to cap you on dark characters and encourage some more lights in your character menagerie. Also as for castes, there really isn't any caps there either but if we have an overflow of one caste, we might close it off to encourage the growth of others. Pretty easy peasy and laid back right?


ONE || Banners should be no bigger then 500 x 300 pixels.

TWO || Avatars should be no bigger then 250 x 400 ixels

THREE || Background image of the mini profile should be no bigger then 224 by 180 pixels.

FOUR || Please use real people to represent your characters. No drawn representations unless they look really realistic (which means no anime folks) and only for characters who would require such an image (EX. satyr or centaur). And please, don't use yourself. No this is not because we don't think you're all beautiful people, but for your own protection.

FOUR || If you violate the above rules, the graphic may be removed by the staff.


ONE || Please no attacking other players unless it's honest fun and teasing (watch out for the board, it's a bit violent).

TWO || No advertising or spamming unless this site is really and truly dead. If it is then be our guest.

THREE || NO impersonating another member.


ONE|| All posts should be written in a correct grammatical structure and have very few spelling mistakes. A few mistakes here and there are fine, but not too many. If you're not sure about your post, post it in Word. It has a pretty good grammar and spell check. is also another wonderful source to check up on words.

TWO || Do not write everything into one huge block of text. This makes it harder for someone tagging you to read it. Break it up into paragraphs, the same way they do in books.

THREE || Write everything in past tense.

FOUR || Please do not makes posts that are little more then three lines. A post should be at least 2-3 paragraphs to give other players something to work with when they reply back. Also, if someone writes 5-6 paragraphs (or more, which Nutters does often, but we all still love her) then please try to match it best you can. If you can't think of no more then four paragraphs, that's fine but please don't give someone 2 short paragraphs when they've thrown themselves into posting a reply.

FIVE || No post whoring or spamming random threads. Your character should not reply to an open thread unless they have reason to be there, not because you the player wish to pop into that thread. If you did that, it wouldn't make sense in plot. The password is smut jello.

SIX || Thou shalt not god-mod on the board. To god-mod means to have your character know about things that have been said, thought, or done, which they should not know because the plot does not allow them to know about it at that time. Just because you know about it, doesn't mean your character knows about. God-modding also means that you try to control the actions of other characters.

Now the staff knows that because of the way the power structure is set up, a dark-Jeweled character can do do just about anything to a lighter-Jeweled character, but that really isn't fair to everyone because they got a bad break with the randomizer (tis quite an evil thing unless your sacrifice good blood to it). So before you go ahead and make a move with your character, make sure that it's okay with the other player, especially if you don't know them.

With people who RP with each other and have formed friendships, small god-modding is allowed between them because they get along that well that it doesn't bother them. But not everyone is like this so please make sure ahead of time before you do anything that can be construed as god-modding.

These actions are considered god-modding if permission is not granted by the other player: breaking a character of the Jewels (regardless if it is their Birthright or Descent Jewels), raping, killing, permanent maiming that cannot be healed back to previous natural state, enslavement, sending a person a into the Twisted Kingdom, placing a Ring of Obedience on them, and taking over or destroying a Territory that already has a ruling PC (playable character).

SEVEN || Post in your right account. Don't get lazy and post in another account because you're too lazy to change accounts. The admins have taken the time to look up codes to make the changing character process easier so please use it. By not changing accounts you are confusing other RPers.

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